May 25, 2017



Item Watch

Item watch notifies you when someone bids on the auctions that you have added to your Item Watch.

How do I buy an item?

You can shop for almost anything related to fish keeping FishBid. Get started using these steps:
1. Find an item. Enter keywords into the search box located at the top of any page, or browse through our list of categories on the home page.
2. Learn about the item you found. Read the item description carefully. If you have any questions about the item, you can ask the seller by clicking the Ask a question link.
3. Review the seller’s Feedback. View the seller’s business reputation by looking at his or her Feedback score, and read the comments left by previous buyers to be sure that this is a seller you feel you can trust.
4. Bid or Buy It Now. Check the item page to see what purchase options are available. You can either place a bid on an item or purchase it instantly using Buy It Now. Remember, all bids are active until the auction ends. If you win a listing, you’re obligated to complete the transaction.
5. Pay for the item. After you’ve won or bought the item, send your payment to the seller within three days. If you want to pay with one of the electronic payment methods offered by the seller, click the Pay Now button on the item page or email notification. Otherwise, the seller will let you know how and where to send your payment. If you’re picking up the item, you can pay by any method the seller accepts (including cash).
• Be sure to pay using one of the methods specified by the seller.
• Checks, and money orders are allowed for most purchases. Please read the item description to make sure the seller will accept that form of payment.

I won an item but no longer want to buy it. What should I do?

A bid or commitment to buy on FishBid is considered a contract and you’re obligated to purchase the item. However, if you feel that you have a legitimate reason for not buying the item, you can contact the seller and explain your situation. Many sellers are willing to work with you if you communicate with them openly and honestly. If you haven’t done so already, request the seller’s contact information and call him or her. You may be able to work things out to everyone’s satisfaction.

How do I contact a seller?

If you have questions about an item, you can contact the seller by clicking the Ask a question link in the listing. After you’ve won an item, we will also send you an email with the seller’s email address. If you’ve tried contacting the seller by email but have not received a response, you can request the seller’s phone number and call them. Note: Buyers can only obtain a seller’s contact information if they bid on or buy one of the seller’s items. Sellers can only obtain the contact information of bidders or buyers on their listings.

How to use “Buy it Now”

How to use Buy It Now option? Using Buy It Now is simple. 1. Decide whether you’re willing to buy the item for the Buy It Now price. Please remember, shipping and handling charges are not included in the Buy It Now price. You may need to contact the seller to determine the total price of the item. 2. Click the Buy It Now button and enter your User ID and password on the next page. The auction will close and you will receive a closed notice via email. 3. Pay for the item (including any shipping and handing charges), through PayPal or what ever payment methods the seller accepts and the seller will ship the item to you. Please note once there is a bid on an item, the Buy It Now option is removed.



How do I list an item for sale?

Selling on FishBid is a great way to make extra money from your hobby – and have fun doing it! To get started, click the Sell button at the top of most FishBid pages. We’ll guide you through the process of listing your item step-by-step, including helping you find the best category. Selecting the right category is important as it helps buyers find your listing. Before you sell on FishBid you must be a registered member (which is FREE) Before you list an item: Look for similar items that have recently sold on FishBid to help you select the best category, price, or learn your item’s potential value. How to search for similar items: Search for items that sold (completed listings) following these steps: Click the Advanced Search link located at the top of most FishBid pages. Enter your keywords and any other search information. Click the Search button. Note: If you’re not signed-in, you will be prompted to before you can see your search results. Note: Review your listing for accuracy. Do not copy the title, description or photos from another seller’s listing.

Listing Policy

Listing Policies In an effort to help Sellers list items in an appropriate and proper manner, we’ve provided you with some guidelines below, which outline how items should be listed and how we deal with listings that violate our policies and User Agreement. Listing Your Item by Category Every item listed by Sellers on must be listed by its proper category or categories. Currently only allows one category for each listing. List equipment in the proper categories. Items not properly listed in a category will be either moved by to the proper listing location or simply deleted. Duplicate or Multiple Listings Duplicate or Multiple Listings occur when a Seller wishes to list multiple identical items for sale on Sellers may either list these items in one listing, denoting the amount of identical items they have for sale; or they may list the identical items separately. We ask that seller do not post more than 2 of the same items that will close within one week of each other. Advertisements Registered Sellers are not allowed to place advertisements in their listings on, for outside parties, services or products, which are not relevant to the item being listed. The seller does have the right to list their own website or sites in their listings as long as the content of the website(s) in question are not in violation of policies in any way. An item listing/description may only describe the item being auctioned on and information about the seller. does offer advertising options for private and corporate advertising. Please contact us for more information. Trade Items or Items Wanted Ads does not permit users to promote a wish to trade or buy items in their auction listings. Any auction listing found to contain requests for trade items or items wanted will be removed from the site. Bonuses, Lotteries, Raffles, Prizes & Giveaways Any item listing that markets bonus or free items, lotteries, raffles, prizes, giveaways, random drawings or any similar event in an attempt to attract Buyers are prohibited to post on, and are actually considered illegal sweepstakes in some states. Any listing found to contain advertising for free or bonus items, lotteries, raffles, prizes, giveaways, random drawings, sweepstakes, or any related event, will be removed from the site. Listing Methods that Violate’s Policies * Keyword Spamming Extensive use of keywords, i.e. popular brand names, which are utilized to create appeal to Buyers or focus Buyers attention to a certain item listing. * Deceptive or misleading item listing titles, keywords, or descriptions. * Links Links to other websites are allowed as long as they meet the following criteria: o Link is to a photo or graphic used to better display your listing. o Link is to your personal or business web site. o Link is for 3rd party acknowledgements. o Link does not lead to a web site with material that would otherwise be prohibited on * Failing to list pertinent information in an auction listing. Such as but not limited to selling an item that cannot be used unless an additional item is purchased from the seller with out proper and complete disclosure. * Listings that are strictly promotions or listings acting as a bulletin. No item is for sale the listing is posted information. * Listings for non-tangible good. does allow information to be sold. However the information must be tangible such as a book, filter etc. To sell a link that will lead you to information on is prohibited. * It is strictly prohibited to create a listing with Misleading Titles, description or photos. All auctions listings must have consistent and accurate information through out the entire listing. These types of listing methods are prohibited on and will be removed from the site. The use of keyword spamming is prohibited and may result in suspension or termination of a user account. Any listing found to be utilizing the above listing methods or links will be removed from the site. Repeated Violations If a Buyer or Seller repeatedly violates these any policies or any provision of the User Agreement, the violator’s user account may be subject to suspension or termination.



To register as a new user, click on Register at the top of the main website page. You will be asked for your name, a username and password, and contact information, including your email address. We do not sell or give out any personal information. Your e-mail may be given out to users who are bidding on your item for contact purposes. You must be at least 18 years of age to register.!Registration is FREE!

Contacting Us

If you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact us using the methods below: E-Mail: Phone: (267) 474-7702

System Interruptions

The website may occasionally experience scheduled or unscheduled “system interruptions” during which Buyers and Sellers are not able to submit or accept bids, or during which an auction period is scheduled to terminate. will post all scheduled maintenance on the Message board. It is possible the site may experience technical difficulties or may even be off line for a short period of time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Auctions that expire during this time will not auto extend.

Bid Retraction Policy

Bid Retraction Policy All bids posted in every auction on are binding, and the user posting the bid is obligated to complete the transaction. There are occasional circumstances under which the Buyer may retract a bid prior to the Seller accepting the bid, and only under these circumstances may a Buyer retract a bid: Circumstances Where Bids May Be Retracted * The bidder unintentionally enters the wrong bid amount, such as entering $50.00 for an item instead of $5.00. (Retraction requests that involve minor or small mistakes in the bid amount will not be considered.) * The description of the item the Buyer is bidding has significantly been altered. Circumstances Where Bids May Not Be Retracted * A Buyer decides that they do not want to buy the item after all. * Buyer decides that they bid higher than they originally planned. * A Buyer decides that they cannot really afford to purchase the item at the price that they bid.

Illegal Aquatic Species

Some states prohibit the movement, sale and/or distribution of various aquatic species. Please check with your local authorities. Achatina fulica (Giant African Snail), Pomacea canaliculata (Channeled or Golden Apple Snail), Rumina decollata (Decollate Snail) are banned for interstate movement.

Breach of Sale Policy

Breach of Sale Policy In an effort to protect registered Buyers and Sellers on and preserve the business practice standards that we uphold, we have implemented a Breach of Sale Policy. A Breach of Sale is when a Buyer or Seller fails to complete an agreed upon transaction with another Buyer or Seller. This policy works along with our Feedback System. Our Feedback System is a system which we developed in order to assist our users on rating the performance of registered Buyers and Sellers. A Buyer or Seller would have the right to post negative feedback regarding any breach of sale on the offenders rating profile. At, we want the online, live auction experience to be a pleasant and exciting one. By instituting this policy, we are attempting to avoid abuse or exploitation of the privileges given to Buyers and Sellers as users of our site. Additionally, when a user fails to complete an agreed upon transaction, the other user involved in the transaction has the right to file a complaint against the offender with When a complaint has been filed against a user, the following minimum procedures will be implemented: * First Offense: Written warning and thirty (30) day suspension of user privileges. * Second Offense: Written warning and sixty (60) day suspension of user privileges. * Third Offense: Permanent Bidding or selling privileges revoked. How the Breach of Sale Policy Operates Transaction Follow-up The Buyer is responsible for contacting the Seller once an auction has ended. This must be completed within seven days from the date and time of the completed auction. The Buyer is notified of this requirement by when they receive the notification on how to complete the transaction with the Seller. Once the Buyer has contacted the Seller, both will review the agreed upon payment and shipping terms and complete the transaction. If the Seller does not hear from the Buyer within the seven day time period, this is considered a Breach of Sale. Please keep in mind that if you do not hear from a Buyer within the allotted time frame, the Buyer may have already tried to contact you, but was unable to, or there may have been a miscommunication between the two users involved in the transaction. If the Buyer does indeed contact the Seller, and the Seller does not complete the auctions shipping and payment processing as agreed upon, this is also considered a Breach of Sale. Buyer Breach of Sale If the accepted Buyer for your transaction has not contacted you within the allowed seven (7) day time frame following the end of your auction, or the Buyer seems like they may not complete the purchase, you have the option to file a Buyer Breach of Sale Complaint with We provide you with a Breach of Sale Form. Once you have submitted your complaint to, we will contact the Buyer for you, requesting that they contact you within 24 hours to complete the transaction. If the transaction is not completed within the 24 hour time frame, you have the option to re-list the item. You will need to contact if you never received a response from the Buyer, so that their actions may be recorded as an offense and their record marked accordingly. Seller Breach of Sale If you have contacted the Seller for your transaction within the allowed seven (7) day time frame following the end of your auction, and the Seller will not complete payment processing or shipping as agreed upon, or the Seller seems like they may not complete the transaction, you have the option to file a Seller Breach of Sale Complaint with We provide you with a Breach of Sale Form. Once you have submitted your complaint to, we will contact the Seller for you, requesting that they contact you within 24 hours to resolve the issue. If the Seller does not contact you within the 24 hour time frame, you may either decide to not pursue the issue or contact an outside third party to help you arbitrate the matter. At this point, you will need to contact, so that the Sellers actions may be recorded as an offense and their record marked accordingly; however, please note that does not involve itself directly in either disputes or arbitration between users.